How Martha Jones Models Evangelism and Prayer

I remember when I was a new Whovian, watching through the show for the very first time (ah, good times). When I reached the three-part in series three, “Utopia,” “The Sound of Drums,” and “The Last of the Time Lords,” I was blown away but the amount of Biblical parallels packed into those three episodes. Let me explore some of them with you.


First, a brief plot summary for those of you who need a reminder (series three was a long
time ago) or those of you new to the show (Welcome! We love you!). In these episodes, the Master has imprisoned the Doctor and taken over the earth. Martha Jones travels the world telling people about the Doctor, and gets everyone to think about the Doctor and say his name all at the same moment clear across the globe. The people are linked together by a telepathic field that the Master has been using to control them, and the Doctor is able to tap into the power of their united minds all thinking the same word in order to regain his strength and defeat the Master.

Among the many spiritual principles illustrated in these episodes, two stand out to me. One is the power of prayer, and the other is the importance of evangelism. Martha Jones’ role in this episode is much like the role of the Church – we are called to tell people about Christ. This isn’t just a passive activity, or a defensive one. Telling people about Christ is actually an offensive strategy against the enemy, just as Martha’s “evangelism” was a military strategy. And just like when the people of the earth united in this episode, when the Church unites in prayer, the enemy trembles with fear. It’s easy to feel like our prayers are just disappearing into empty space, but even if we can’t see the results, we can be sure that God hears us, and if we’re praying in agreement with His heart, our prayers will definitely make a difference.

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