City Hunter: Revenge vs. Justice

Alright, so I might be getting a little obscure here, but I love K-dramas. By far my favorite K-drama is City Hunter. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

City-hunter-poster-2In this show the main character, Yoon Sung, has been trained his entire life by his father
for one purpose: to kill five high-ranking government officials. Years earlier, his father had been a soldier in a secret mission against North Korea. These five government officials in the South Korean government authorized a special unit of soldiers to move against North Korea, but after deploying the soldiers they began feeling political pressures and realized that any action taken against North Korea would damage their relations with other nations. However, it was too late to call off the secret mission, so they sent in men to kill their own soldiers. Yoon Sung’s father was the only one who managed to escape this slaughter, and he desperately wants revenge against the five men who ordered his death.

Yoon Sung quickly realizes that killing these men purely out of revenge will start a vicious cycle. After all, what happens when the children of these men take revenge against him? He also discovers that each of the five men is corrupt and is using their power in the government for personal gain, at the expense of others. He decides, rather than killing them, to expose their corruption to the public so that they will be tried and sentenced for their crimes.

One thing I love about this show is that it wrestles with the difference between revenge and justice. Yoon Sung recognizes his father’s vengeful attitude as destructive, but also realizes that the crimes of these men should not go unpunished, so he comes up with a solution that fulfills the need for justice without resorting to murder. In Yoon Sung’s story I find an illustration of a fundamental human struggle resolved in a very Christian way.

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One thought on “City Hunter: Revenge vs. Justice

  1. K-Drama are always fun, even if the premises are a little crazy sometimes. They usually give different perspectives on things than Hollywood because they have a different cultural setting and lens, so it would be interesting to see a Korean take on the revenge plot. Lee Min Ho is always great too. I’ll have to check City Hunter out!


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