Far Cry Primal: Story and Setting

I’ve been seeing Far Cry Primal a lot lately, probably because it came out recently. I’m not at all surprised; Ubisoft’s advertisement campaigns are second-to-none, and they need it to make up for the mistakes of Assassin’s Creed Unity. (And Syndicate for some players.) Since I haven’t played the game yet, I’m trying not to jump on the bandwagon, though I am following it at a safe distance on a bicycle.

The thing that sets Primal apart from the previous Far Cry games is its setting. While Far Cry 3 was set on a distant island (and you were basically Oliver Queen from Arrow) and 4 put you in the courts of a violent warlord in Nepal, Primal takes things all the way back to the 10,000 BC, when woolly mammoths and saber-toothed tigers roam the forests, and man just discovered fire. Here, you play as Takar, the beast-master caveman.

One would think that I, as a representative of the Christian community, would get up in arms against Primal for promoting the Theory of Evolution, the arch-nemesis to our faith.

However, I have nothing to say about this game in light of Evolution vs. Creationism. I see Primal’s setting as just that: a setting. To me, the Paleolithic Era is no different than Middle Earth in Lord of the Rings. It’s similar to our world, but not similar enough to actually be our world. After all, this isn’t the first time Far Cry has utilized a fictional setting. 3 had Rook Island, 4 had Kyrat, Blood Dragon had “Robocop in Wonderland.” Far Cry is a fanchise about surviving the things life throws at you. Whatever strange locale Primal has will fit right in.

Even though it’s apples-to-oranges, I compare this game to the movie Ice Age. I watched this movie at a fairly young age and was amused by it. I didn’t think anything of it existing in the evolutionary timeline because of the story. I was following the characters and their journey, not the world in which they were on their journey.

My point is this: While the setting for Primal is one of its main sales points, I hope that it doesn’t come before the story. I want to cheer for Takar just as I cheered for Manny.

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