Let’s Geek Out

The single best thing about Doctor Who is the fans.
When the show began, it was an educational program about history and science. Then the Daleks happened. Fans loved them (or rather, we loved to hate them – geeks are weird like that), so the powers-that-be decided to make it a show about aliens.
Fans loved the show so much that the writers decided to give the Doctor the ability to regenerate, so the show could continue after the lead actor left. That superpower allowed Doctor Who to become the longest running TV show in all of time and space.
After the show was cancelled, fans demanded a movie, and in 1996 we got a movie. That has happened three times that I know of, and Doctor Who was the first.
The movie wasn’t all that good, but fans didn’t let up, and in 2005 the show came back from the dead. No other show has ever accomplished that, as far as I know.
Honestly, I’m not sure which came first: Tom Baker’s scarf or the fans that were devoted enough to wear it. Since then, the Doctor’s outfits have continued to be ridiculous, but fans continue to emulate them.
There are conventions and Daleks and Cybermen and Tumblr and DIY sonic screwdrivers and fish fingers and custard and loads of other inside jokes and Tumblr and fan fiction (sweet Rassilon the fan fiction) and Tumblr.
And then there was Osgood.
As geeks, we at the Correlation enjoy geeking out about Doctor Who and loads of other things. We hope you enjoy our posts and maybe see things from a new perspective. As Christians, we are excited to spread our message as far as we can by building on the fandom community. And you can help.
First we need to make connections with you. Our blog has a Facebook page and a Twitter. We each have our own Twitter accounts, too. Like us and Follow us, and we’ll get some conversations going.
For example, we need a profile picture for both of these accounts. We’ve asked you to submit photos that match our theme of Christianity meets geek-dom.
Let’s connect.
The Correlation on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecorrelationblog/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel
@CorrelationBlog on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CorrelationBlog
Noah: @noahspud
Isaac: @Isaac_Trenti
Arth: @Arthwaya


Okay. Real talk. Our class is over, so we’re not required to post to this blog anymore. We have more posts to post, but when those run out we may decide to stop writing.
If we managed to get a large enough community, some of us might be convinced to keep going. That really depends on you. If you want to see more, let us know by connecting with us on social media.
Like I said, we want to get a community going both as geeks and as Christians. But mostly we want people to geek out with.


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