Jesus Is Lord: Authentic Faith and Netflix

I’ve noticed a trend in my generation. We crave authenticity, and where there is inauthenticity we notice it. I think one of the most common criticisms of the church, and the reason why so many college students walk away from the faith, is because they view the church as hypocrites. We don’t feel we can trust people who say one thing and do another, so we avoid the church.

This aversion to BS is a good thing. Unfortunately, there is a lot of inauthenticity in the church, and this is something that needs to be dealt with. But maybe, instead of abandoning Christianity, our generation can reform it. What would happen if we worked together to make our faith genuine and authentic?

One of the inconsistencies I’ve noticed is that Christians say “Jesus is Lord of my life,” but they only act like He’s Lord some of the time. When it’s convenient for Him to be. On Sunday mornings, or when you’re confused and want to know what direction to take with your life. Certainly not during your free time.

If Jesus is Lord, He needs to be Lord all the time, in everything you do. That includes those late nights binge-watching Netflix. So, am I saying we shouldn’t have free time? That we should spend every waking moment evangelizing or praying or studying scripture? No. God created us with imaginations and creativity, there’s nothing wrong with using them. He just wants us to involve Him in it.

So my advice is to watch your shows. Read your books. Enjoy your hobbies. But look for the ways they reflect God’s glory, the ways they illustrate your faith, and talk to God about them. He loves to hear from you.

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