Sherlock, the A-Team, Fight Club, and Adam and Eve

I have Asperger’s syndrome, and as one of the effects of that, my brain is constantly working at high speeds. When I’m bored, I tend to talk to myself because my brain needs to be doing something. When I write those things down, I get blog posts like this.
Sherlock Holmes also has Asperger’s Syndrome, especially Steven Moffat’s version. His brain is constantly working, and he puts it to good use. But when he’s not putting it to good use and he gets bored, that can be a little dangerous (shooting the wall, shooting up, and so on).
The A-Team helps people at great personal risk so they can feel something called the jazz. A more technical term for the jazz is the call of the void. This is why people invented thrill-seeking activities like bungee jumping and roller coasters. It’s also a version of this urge to do things.
Fight Club is about this same call of the void. People work off their stress by punching each other. They feel this urge to do something and want instant gratification.
The point of all this is that humans have an urge to do something. This goes all the way back to the beginning. God spoke into the nothing to create and do. He made people in his image and that means we also have that urge to do.
The musical Children of Eden has an interesting version of Eve eating the forbidden fruit. Eve calls that urge to do something the “spark of creation” and uses it as her reasoning for eating the fruit. She wants to reach out beyond her boundaries and do something.
Herein lies the issue that inspired this whole blog. Our creative nature is a very good thing, and allows us to enjoy fandoms like Sherlock and the A-Team and Fight Club. It also contributed to the original sin. But that doesn’t mean all creative endeavors are bad. In fact, we’re capable of truly appreciating the good ideas because we’re capable of having bad ones.
When done right, I believe fandoms are one of the best uses of our God-given creative nature.


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