Mathemusician is a Thing

I’m taking a brief break from fictional fandoms, because non-fictional fandoms like math still count as geeky fandoms. Then again, math is a nerd thing. But never mind.
No, I’m not going to write an entire post about math and numbers and boring stuff. I’m going to talk about Vi Hart.
Vi is a mathemusician. She makes videos about math and art and music, and poetry set to music and art and math, and occasionally other things. No matter what she’s doing, the result is probably beautiful and clever. Seriously, look her up.
Last year one of my math professors called Vi Hart one of the greatest mathematicians of our generation because of the new ways she thinks about things. That surprised me, but I agreed.
Just like most fandoms, Vi Hart is hard to describe in ways that the unfamiliar will understand. She really likes triangles. She really hates pi (or at least her internet outrage persona does). And that’s really all I can say.
As I write this I am playing her videos in the background and being endlessly impressed with her brilliance in a) musical talent, b) artistic talent, including video production value, c) mathematical knowledge and simultaneously d) ability to make mathematical knowledge beautiful and fun in various ways, and e) poetic talent, because she manipulates words in ways that are just as beautiful as the ways she manipulates numbers and art and music. How does one even do that? She must be an actual genius.

It’d be easy to correlate math and Christianity. Math provides continual evidence of God’s intricate design. The same powerful designer that created this incredibly detailed universe wants to have a relationship with you. The fact that math can be beautiful shows another side of the designer. He appreciates beauty, and loves his creation enough to show us beauty in practically everything.
But I get really excited about math, and apparently Vi Hart does, too. I love that God lets us do that. The ability to geek out about things is a spectacular gift from God (as long as we’re not geeking out about “bad” or ungodly things).
I geek out about theology, too. That’s how I get closer to God. Maybe it’s unusual, but I like it.

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