9 Fandom Characters who Typify Jesus

Typify: (v) to serve as a symbol of; to represent

  1. Anakin Skywalker
    Conceived by a spiritual Force to bring “balance” to the universe. But after his virgin birth, he splits off from the Christ imagery considerably.
  2. Spock
    Died to save his friends and came back.
  3. The Doctor
    He hits a T-pose when he dies, usually to save humanity, or at least one human, and then comes back to life.
  4. John Connor and the Terminator

serveimage serveimage
JC are the initials of many messianic heroes. Destined to protect humanity from a coming apocalypse. John’s mother has virgin-like innocence early on, to suggest Mary.
Connor doesn’t die to save others, but Arnold Schwarzenegger’s robot character does. The Terminator is “resurrected” when he’s rebuilt.

  1. Neo

The Chosen One spoken of in prophecies saves all of humanity, dies, and comes back from the dead, and he’s considerably more powerful after his resurrection. He even ascends into the sky in the end.

  1. Gandalf
    Greater Christ imagery has no one than this: to lay down his life fighting a demonic creature for his friends. Then he comes back in white robes.
  2. Harry Potter

Raised in a world that is not his own by people who are not his parents. Scarred by a curse that kills, like the sin that stained Jesus. Dies and comes back to defeat the ultimate evil.

  1. Superman

His name is El, like one of the names of God. Sent to Earth by his father to be raised by humans.  Looks human but has supernatural power.  Died to save the world from evil and came back.
Look up “24 Reasons Why Man of Steel and The Passion of the Christ are the Same Movie” on YouTube for more.

  1. Dwight Eleazar
    This character on Grimm can make himself look like the Devil, and he uses this ability to preach a pretty decent Christian message of faith and hope. One of his disciples betrays him to some overzealous Pharisee-types, and they kill him. The traitorous disciple hangs himself.
    Yes, the Devil gets to play the part of Jesus. Seriously.

Moral: Even if a story doesn’t seem “good” from a Christian perspective, it could be borrowing imagery and story ideas from the greatest story ever told. Christians can appreciate that in a way that others might not.

Can you think of any more characters bearing similarities to Jesus? Tell us about them.
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