On This Thing We Call Creativity (as a Creative Person)

It’s ironic that the post I’m writing on creativity has neither a creative title nor a creative hook. In fact, this post is born out of an apparent lack of creativity than anything else.

A friend of mine started my thoughts about the question, “What is creativity?” I mean, I’m a writer. My job description boils down to, “Be creative with words.” I should know the answer to such a simple question, right?

What is Creativity?

To be honest, I believe creativity is the result of an artist’s response to inspiration. (The artist being any man, woman, or child utilizing any medium to create something.) I then define inspiration as a general term for something that happens to the artist, around the artist, or even through the artist. An inspiration can be a thought that crosses the artist’s mind, it could be an event in the news, it could even be a need for something.

Where does Creativity Come From?

As I mentioned, creativity comes from inspiration, and inspiration can come from anywhere. A question that often crosses my mind is whether or not it is good to take inspiration from other writers. To this, I say yes, it is fine. Cooks eat and writers read for the same reasons. Either way, it is best to credit sources anyway.

I, like many of my peers, also believe that creativity is a reflection of us as created beings. God created us in his image, in his likeness, therefore we are creative beings.

What do we do with Creativity?

Simple. We create.

I have found that the best thing to do with creativity is to follow through with it. I chose writing. Some of you may choose drawing, some of you may take up singing, and some of you may turn to the other arts.

Do not waste your creativity, dear readers! After all, God did not waste his. We can see how well that turned out.


By the way, I plan on writing an anime review next week. I need to take a break from this theological/philosophical stuff. If you want to see a review of a specific anime, leave a comment or hit me up on Twitter. I am willing to take requests.

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