This Week in Geek-dom: The Killing Joke Trailer

Batman Versus Superman sucked. So I have little interest in writing about the god versus man imagery, even though I could.
Cap 3: Civil War is probably better, but I haven’t seen it yet. So I can’t write about it yet, even though I want to.
What I have seen is the trailer for the Killing Joke, the upcoming animated Batman movie. Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill (is anyone else still bewildered that Luke Skywalker and the Joker are the same person?) will be reprising their roles for the story that will include the Joker’s origin and the *spoiler* of Barbara Gordon.
In case you weren’t aware, DC has had much more success with their animated movies than with their live-action films. Justice League: War made Superman an interesting character. Justice League vs Teen Titans made me care about Raven’s backstory (sorry fans of Teen Titans Season 4).
The Batman cartoons have also been fun. But the Killing Joke is going to be different. It’s going to be rated R.
My first thought: how R-rated can an animated movie actually be?
My second thought: look at that freaking trailer. Naked Jim Gordon on an amusement park ride. Okay. Rating justified.
My third thought: gee, doesn’t this sound familiar?
Confession: I watched Deadpool. It was on the Internet, so when I saw an R-rated scene coming, I could easily stop looking or skip ahead. I am fairly certain my innocence is intact, but I definitely get that that movie is not kid-friendly. I did enjoy it, though.
I read a review of Deadpool that said it was good, but it was bound to spawn other cheap imitations of quality movies. The Killing Joke seems to be evidence of that. And I don’t think I will ever watch it, because unlike Deadpool, I don’t think I’ll be curious enough to bash my innocence up against it to see which is stronger.
Isaac suggested that we be content with all the quality superhero movies and not worry about getting to see the R-rated Deadpool movie. But if this is a trend as it seems to be, contentment may not be enough. So what do we actually do about it?
We do what Batman does. Don’t avoid the darkness, but don’t give into it. If enough people take issue with it, maybe the darkness will recede.
As Arth said: united, maybe fandom could change the world.

Want to join in? Let’s Connect.


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