For Lack of a Full Review

Before I begin this entry, I would like to remind the audience that I am a terrible planner, and did not realize this entry goes up on Star Wars Day, or May the 4th Be With You. I might do something Star Wars related in the foreseeable future. (Two weeks from now at the earliest.)

So, as I promised, here is an anime review. I had difficulty choosing just one to watch, so I chose to do shorter reviews on three different anime, for various reasons.

(For Being Interesting…) Himouto Umaru-Chan!

Or, “the one with the chibi girl in the orange hood.”
This show is a slice-of-life anime about a bratty (read: selfish and lazy) otaku (read: manga-reading, video-game-playing, Coke-guzzling) girl named Umaru. At least, she’s only like that when she’s at home. When she’s at school, she’s a star pupil, everyone’s idol.

I watched a couple episodes and thought the depiction of living dual lives was well-portrayed. Not just through Umaru, but with a couple other characters. Everyone knows one guy/gal who acts differently at work than at home, and one could say this show is about that concept.

Bear in mind, I haven’t watched the whole series. This is because the show centers around Umaru when she’s at home, and a brat. Only one episode really showed her having to bounce between the two masks, and it wasn’t even the main plot.

6/10 ~ Had unique concepts, but Umaru got annoying quickly.

(For Being Surprisingly Good…) The Devil is a Part-Timer!

So, fun fact about Isaac Trenti, I work in food service. I won’t say for whom or where, but my choice of employment helped make the devil easy to relate to.

Trust me: not the weirdest sentence to come out of my mouth this week.

The title says all that needs to be said about the plot, and the humor comes from that premise. The devil is transported from another dimension to Japan, where he works at a MgRonalds (wink-wink) while secretly planning world domination. I watched most if not all of it (Is there an Episode 13?) and recommend it. It combines humor with action quite well.

Those concerned with this show sympathizing with the devil can rest at ease, in my opinion. He’s more of a former ruler of an alternate dimension who happens to have magical powers than Satan.

9/10 ~ Pretty good anime. Would recommend to fans of Supernatural.

(For Being the One I’m Currently Watching…) Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet

The thing with a mecha anime, there has to be something unique about it other than the giant robots. Gurren Lagan has a Mad Max feel to it, and Aldnoah Zero shows a war where there are good guys on both sides. So, what about Gargantia?

Well, the first few episodes of Gargantia play with a language and cultural barrier. The story is long and complicated; the simple version is that an alien/human crash-lands on a water-covered Earth in his giant mech and has to learn the language and culture of this “ancient society.” That and its strange blend of sci-fi action and slice-of-life made this anime a very interesting watch. I am currently watching the English dub of it, which accentuates the language barrier. I would count this as one of the few exceptions to the “subbed is better than dubbed” rule.

8/10 ~ Good anime with a lot of interesting and well-executed concepts; but I haven’t finished it yet.

That concludes this entry. Let’s connect!



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