Yesterday in Geek-dom: Captain America: Civil War

*I’ll try to avoid spoilers.*
Cap 3: Civil War is excellent. I had no idea what to expect from it. It’s a concept that has never been done before (I mean, never done well. *cough* Batfleck).
Captain America’s name is in the title, so you’d expect him to win in the end. But Civil War is also in the title, and Cap didn’t really win that storyline in the comics.
I was Team Cap going into this movie. But now I’m Team Iron Man. Here’s my reasoning.
1) Tony Stark and Black Widow show signs of positive character development in their choices. Stark relinquishes control, and Natasha stops being a loose cannon.
2) Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch’s philosophies in this debate aren’t all that heroic. Rebelling against the system isn’t always “wrong thing for right reasons.”
3) Black Panther gives the movie’s ending a “revenge versus justice” theme (Arth touched on this a while back). In the end, he chooses justice over revenge, making him the most noble of all the heroes.
4) Steve Rogers has a blind spot in his good little soldier ideology. It’s an understandable blind spot, but he still does the wrong thing. Then again, there is no right answer here.
I believe in morally gray areas. Let me rephrase that. We as humans can’t see the true right answer to many moral questions on our own. God’s vision is far better than ours, and he can see where the black and white are. So we need to ask him to show us.
A few posts back, Isaac explained that the Bible tells everyone, even superheroes, to be in line with governing authorities. So Team Iron Man is the more Christian side.

P.S. Interestingly, Ant-Man’s redemption meta-narrative is more aligned with Iron Man’s ideology. And Spiderman’s “power comes with responsibility” motto matches up with Cap’s philosophy. They each probably should have been on the opposite side, but Falcon got to Ant-Man first, and Iron Man got to Spiderman first.

P.P.S. If Thor had been in this movie, he would have understood that the catastrophes in the Avengers movies weren’t caused by the superheroes. They were caused by those Infinity Stones. And the superheroes prevented those catastrophes from spreading. Restrictions would mean they have no chance of stopping the chaos when more stones show up. *cough* Infinity War. So maybe #TeamThor is the best side.

What are your thoughts on this movie? Which side are you on? Let’s Connect!


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