Has Supernatural Gone Too Far? (A Brief Summary of the Show’s Mythos)

Supernatural is a very long series of 45-minute horror movies. I’ve pieced together a rundown of the Mythos that Supernatural is working with. They add to it each season; this season they showed us their version of God, and revealed that he has a sister.

According to Chuck (the human who speaks for God), his sister, a.k.a. the Darkness, would destroy things as quickly as he could create them before the big Beginning. God locked the Darkness away so he could create the world as we know it.

The seal to the lock was a tattoo. God put the tattoo on his most trusted lieutenant, Lucifer. According to Death (the horseman of the apocalypse), it was exposure to the Darkness that corrupted Lucifer. He passed the tattoo on to a human named Cain, who became the first murderer.

Lucifer made an army of demons and waged war on heaven. The Archangel Michael put Lucifer in a cage. The demons started trying to bust him out, which brings us to the beginning of the show. We’ve come a long way in 11 seasons. The heroes are in a lot of trouble right now. But God came back in a recent episode.

No show – NO show – that plays with Popular Judeo-Christian Mythology (that I know of) has ever dared portray the Big Guy Upstairs himself. But Supernatural did it. And that’s when I figured they may have jumped the Popular Judeo-Christian Mythology shark. I mean, how can they possibly portray God in a way a real Christian will approve of?

Well…they didn’t do too terribly. In a version of reality where God has an evil opposite, the version of God we got kind of makes sense. And he’s a lot of fun to watch. So I’m going to keep watching and enjoy it until they put God in a cupboard again. Then they’ll be able to use God himself as a recurring guest star. Because that’s what Supernatural has become.

We’ve talked quite a bit about portrayals of Popular Judeo-Christian Mythology on this blog. I am of the opinion that even the stuff that seems sacrilegious is acceptable as long as you remember that that world isn’t real. In fact, if you can move past the “bad parts,” there are some fun truths to be found for Christian geeks.

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