The Doctor Threw the Devil into a Black Hole

Isaac and I have written a few posts about how God, Jesus, angels, and demons are portrayed in geeky fandoms. I’ve left out one fandom in particular because I wanted to save it for its own post. Let’s talk about Doctor Who. (I always want to talk about Doctor Who.)
The most obvious one: the Satan Pit. The Doctor meets a creature known as the Beast and calls it “the truth behind the myth” of the devil. And then he throws the devil into a black hole. And Rose helps, because she’s just so gosh-darn awesome (that was my sarcastic voice).
Then there are the angels. If you see an angel statue in the Doctor Who universe, keep looking at it. Don’t even blink. Because if you do, it might come to life and move faster than you can believe. If you’re lucky, you’ll be sent back in time and forced to die of old age, possibly before anyone you know was even born. If you’re not lucky, they’ll snap your neck, tear out your vocal cords, and use them to scare your friends with your voice.
If the angel you see is a robot, you might be okay. All they do is follow orders and give people information. If their orders are to eliminate all witnesses so their cyborg master can crash the Titanic into the Earth from space…well, then you’re in trouble.
And then there’s Bad Wolf, the goddess of time. To be fair, she never calls herself a goddess or expects anyone to worship her. But she can manipulate time and space and give life to the dead. Not even the Doctor, with all his Christ imagery, can do that. (Except for when he can.)
The devil of Doctor Who is not a fun and likable character like John Pellegrino. But the show still turns angels into villains, like Supernatural and Lucifer. Difference is, this show also makes it clear that it subscribes to the big bang theory and evolution, not intelligent design. That universe is not our universe. And as it happens, Doctor Who is a ripe picking ground for Christian parallels. See these two blogs for examples: Blue Box Parables and Bigger on the Inside.


What, you want a deeper point? I just wanted to talk about Doctor Who.

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