Rick, Morty, Alternate Dimensions, and the Value of Us

So, Rick & Morty!

For those unfamiliar with it, the show is an [adult swim] animated “comedy” about a sociopathic alcoholic scientist, Rick, and his dim-witted grandson, Morty, going on wacky, often not-kid-friendly adventures.

To you looking for a content rating: it’s a rough equivalent to an R, maybe a very heavy PG-13. I got a hold of the censored-for-TV version, or “the one with the f-words bleeped out.” I would not recommend it for kids. (Then again, I wouldn’t recommend much for kids.) And I’ll try to avoid spoilers. If that doesn’t say, “This is gonna be a doozy,” I don’t know what does.

Having sat through season one, I have found it interesting and thought-provoking, mainly because it plays with the “multiverse theory.” In layman’s terms, imagine if every single choice you made spawned one if not more alternate realities. In one reality, you made one choice, but in another, you made a completely different one.

The conclusion of this is that there are an infinite (or uncountable) number of universes all running at the same time. R&M takes that conclusion one step further by implying that there are a million of us, so nobody is special, and we as humans have no purpose. If we do have a purpose, then it’s something insanely mundane. Anyone could die and nothing would change.

Saying this doesn’t apply to a Christian worldview would be like calling the sky blue, the grass green, and Christ’s sacrifice sufficient payment for our sins. Scripture tells us that we are created in God’s image. One of these verses, Ephesians 2:10, uses the Greek word, “poiema” meaning “masterpiece.” (Most translations have it as “workmanship” for some reason.) We are the first and only things God called “very good” during the Creation.

I like to think that there is only one of each of us. If there are alternate dimensions, they are limited to the confines of our imagination, when we ask the question, “What could have been?” That said, all we can do with other dimensions is speculate about them.

Personally, I would rather live under what I know than what I can only speculate. I am not one of a million, slightly different versions of me; I am created by the One who formed all matter from nothing by talking.

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