Topher and Sierra Fall in Love (Dollhouse Reference)

I don’t watch many romantic comedies, but I found Lust for Love and realized it was almost a Dollhouse reunion movie. I rather liked it. Here’s a quick review.
Fran Kranz plays Astor, a hopeless romantic who’s more hopeless than romantic. His first serious relationship is with the girl he’s been crushing on since age 4. It’s very Barry Allen; Dichen Lachman’s character Cali calls it a little pedophilic.
Astor’s girlfriend doesn’t consider the relationship as serious as he does, so it doesn’t last. He believes the problem is his lack of experience, so he recruits Cali to teach him how to get girls.
Their mission is to get Astor laid, which makes it sound like a really shallow movie. But somehow these actors (including many other Dollhouse stars) can make anything heartfelt and fun. It’s not even made by Joss Whedon, but Anton King (with Dichen Lachman’s assistance behind the camera) isn’t half bad at dialogue and production value.
The main reason Astor struggles with relationships is that he really believes in true love, so his attempts at flirting with the intention of short-term flings come out adorably awkward. Cali, on the other hand, is content with the passion of a Frenchman. Both characters start to switch philosophies, and then they both grow as people, just in time to fall for each other.
“You might just break my heart.”
“Could you love me enough that that would be possible?”
“That would be wonderful.”
(I rather like that. A twist on “I would be honored to have my heart broken by you.”)
And then they sleep together…fully clothed. That right there. That is love versus lust.
It’s pretty easy to draw a Christian parallel. A word search for lust in the Bible brings up references to pagan idol worship. Whether it’s a girl, a guy, or a graven image, lust means turning your eyes and the passion behind them to something that should be reserved for God and the relationship that he designed you for.
One-night stands are un-Christian, but you probably already knew that. However, I wouldn’t say that you should never, ever date someone you don’t intend to marry. Astor’s overly sincere love gets him in trouble, too. The best way to find balance is to focus on God and pick a partner who’s doing the same thing.

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