Cool Things Coming from E3

Being the broke college student that I am, I don’t have the funding to go to and from the various conventions. However, I have access to a computer and the internet. As such, I do get wind of the events at conventions a few days after.

Since E3 is this week, I’m going to talk about a couple games that caught my attention.

Also, please bear in mind, I only have a WiiU and a computer built for “filthy casuals.” (So, perfect for me.) My opinions may vary from yours.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

So, I own a copy of Skyrim. Due to not having five months to block off and play it, it’s been gathering metaphorical dust in my Steam library for the past year. The closest I’ve gotten to playing Skyrim is its sepia-toned brother, Morrowind.

That having been said, it doesn’t feel right that Bethesda should do a remake of this game. I could go into a very long discussion about remakes and their timing, but I won’t for the sake of time. Long story short, I hope they don’t force the free Special Edition upgrade onto PC owners. My computer can’t take it.

Titanfall 2

“What are your protocols?”

“Protocol 1: link to pilot. Protocol 2: uphold the mission. Protocol 3: Protect Cybertro—the pilot. I meant the pilot.”

I remember playing Titanfall on my buddy’s Xbox 360 way back when. I remember it being one of the first online multiplayer games that I actually enjoyed playing. Even in losing. (Seriously. I think I did three matches and lost every single one of them.)

So, with the new one out, I have high hopes for it, especially since it has a singleplayer campaign.

Standby for Titanfall indeed.


But, be content with the things that you have. I just have a WiiU. So what newly announced games can I get?

Eight words:

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Great visuals. Open world landscape. The next chapter in The Legend of Zelda franchise, possibly offering new gameplay mechanics for future games to utilize? And I won’t have to buy a new console/computer to play it? To be honest, Breath of the Wild should have been named Breath of Fresh Air, though it probably wouldn’t sell as well.


That’s really all I need to say. I didn’t go to E3, but I am content with what I got.

What did you think of E3 this year? Was it good? Bad? What you expected? A few unexpected things?

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