Set This On The Table, Part III

Welcome back to Set This On The Table, the series where I look at the Bible and the awesome things in it, and analyze those things as Tumblr, Reddit, or any fandom community would.

I’m writing this very last-minute, as I have been ill all week. Don’t worry. I’m recovering. Slowly.

No matter. Let’s look at the New Testament, focusing on the miracles of Jesus.


Turning Water into Wine

So, let’s set the scene. Jesus is at a wedding party, and the hosts ran out of wine. Long story short, Jesus takes several barrels of water and turns them into fine wine.

Hold up. He turned water into wine?

Let’s break it down. I did a quick Google search for the “chemical composition of wine” and was taken to a site dedicated to winemaking, They have a page on the chemical composition of wine that was quite informative. (Link at the end of the article.)

What their research showed was that wine is only about 80% or 90% water. The rest is alcohol, sugar, and other various chemicals.

Okay. According to the chart, most of the alcohol in wine is actually ethanol, which has the chemical formula of C2H6O. So Jesus would have had to take maybe one tenth of the water and turned it into ethanol, probably breaking apart and re-arranging a few oxygen molecules to make the carbon.

And that’s just for one of the many chemicals needed to make wine. There are others that Jesus would have had to know and transform, requiring near deific knowledge and definitely requiring deific power to do this. Even with today’s technology, we probably couldn’t turn water into cheap wine, let alone fine wine.


The Healings…All of Them

Speaking of deific power, how about all those times that Jesus healed somebody. There’s another thing we can’t replicate with today’s medicine.

I mean, Jesus went from town to town healing their sick. Not like colds and coughs sick. No, he healed people with leprosy, paralysis, other disorders, and even death—ailments that would have made the patient unclean, aside from being hard to cure.

Leprosy, according to WebMD, can be cured with antibiotics, as it is a bacterial disease. However, it can only be completely cured if caught early on; people who have had it for a while are out of luck, because leprosy actually can cause nerve damage. Even as far as our modern medicine can go, we cannot fix nerve damage, if I’m not mistaken.

Which probably rules out curing paralysis then.


You know, to be honest, if these miracles are not a sign that Jesus is God, I don’t know what is.


And that concludes this entry. I’ll be finishing up the series next week.




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One thought on “Set This On The Table, Part III

  1. There’s a quote from Mike Laury: “I love how Jesus’ first miracle wasn’t healing the sick. It wasn’t raising the dead. His first miracle was turning water into wine, his first miracle was just to keep the party going!!”

    And as far as healing the sick, You never hear any other account about Jesus saying that he couldn’t do these miracles, or that he faked them. The worst you hear is from an unbelieving Roman historian from Jesus’ time, and he only said that he was annoying! Its amazing how much evidence there is that Jesus was the Son of God, and that God is real.


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