Isaac Talks About Suicide Squad

I mean, seriously. How have I not seen Suicide Squad yet?

Oh yeah. Money. And time.

But still it is one of the most talked about movie this month. Despite getting polarized reviews both from critics and my own peers, it is still raking in more money than any other August release in the past, a time when summer movies typically wind down, not pick up.

But when you have a cast of bad guys ranging from good guys with criminal records to criminals who aren’t even trying to be good, it brings to mind the question, “Can bad people do good things?”

Without getting too deep and philosophical, I would say yes. Look at the Bible. We see hundreds of armies take over Israel by God’s will, then get kicked out later by God’s will. They did a good thing, following God’s will, without knowing it and still being bad.

Honestly, though, I don’t want to go too much into this, because I haven’t seen Suicide Squad. I want to give DC the benefit of the doubt that they can do something good, but they haven’t lately. Green Lantern, Batman v. Superman, even Suicide Squad are called out for being bad. It is my job as a critic to analyze a film for what it is, but it is also my job as a competent moviegoer to decide whether or not I want to spend eight bucks and two hours on a movie I might not like.

I remember sitting down to watch the first Pirates of the Caribbean with my parents and sister, and they told me going in that there is nothing redeeming about this movie. The hero is better suited as a villain, but is put in a place where you can root for him. The lawful men are played out as the awful men, pun intended. And, from the trailers and reviews I’ve read, Suicide Squad looks like Pirates of the Caribbean, but with boomerangs, assault rifles, and Margot Robbie. I won’t say that this movie’s advertisement campaign drove itself into the ground, but I will say it raised enough questions in me to decide if it’s worth my time.

I might watch it eventually, but probably not in theaters.

What are your thoughts about the movie? Have you seen it, or are you just sitting this one out like I am? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter.


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