How the Media Portrays Angels

Well, I did Jesus and demons a while back, might as well go on down the list. The challenge with this one is that it’s my understanding that angels don’t appear too often.

I should also point out that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen any media with angels in it, and I haven’t seen enough Supernatural to get to where the angels are. (I’ve been slugging my way through Season 1 for the past few years.)

The tricky thing with this is that a lot of media is agnostic. Meaning that if God exists in that universe, He doesn’t matter or isn’t doing anything. This makes sense, until you do introduce angels and demons. In fact, it gets stranger, as when God or Jesus appears, the angels take a backseat. Seriously, I think there are more secular movies with angels than Christian movies with angels. (Unless you count the innumerable Bible adaptations.)

And the thing is, a lot of movies don’t get angels right. Instead of being the servants of God, they’re anti-heroes operating on their own wavelengths. Some adaptations even go so far as to defy God.

And that’s just when they’re the “good guys.” I can name several examples where the bad guy of a movie, series, or game was an angel. Final Fantasy VII, check. The Devil is a Part Timer, check. Supernatural, check. Doctor Who, they were stone, but check.

What, then, would be the best adaptation of angels in the media?

Show of hands: does anyone remember It’s A Wonderful Life? Yeah, that old black-and-white Christmas movie that beautifully combines existentialism and parallel universes. How is this angel any better than the others?

Well, think about it. He reports to a higher power and does said power’s bidding in order to benefit the life of one man. The angels in the Bible were kind of like that. They were messengers to the people, bringing words from God to mankind when God himself didn’t show up. When they engaged in spiritual warfare, it was behind the scenes, and when they appeared, they had something to say.

So, in conclusion, this could just be another case of the old one is the better one, but from my own, human, theological standing, I think It’s a Wonderful Life may be the only (or at least last) time there has been a Biblically sound angel.

Then again, I could be wrong. Feel free to discus in the comments below.


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One thought on “How the Media Portrays Angels

  1. The difference being Clarence was a former human who died and became an angel – not what really happens. And they all have wings, usually multiple sets.
    I would submit This Swiftly Turning Planet, the sequel to A Wrinkle in Time by Madeline L’engle. It starts with child prodigy Charles Wallace talking to a herd of dragons that turn out to be a cherubim. Okay, it’s an alien, but as I recall it seems to have angel-like altruism and power as it sends Charles Wallace and his band of time-space-travelling adolescents into Charles Wallace’s mitochondria (because Madeline L’engle science) to defeat the aliens making Charles Wallace sick. And it looks like a herd of dragons, not a humanoid; I’d say that’s a more Biblically sound description.


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