Aliens, Agnosticism, and Salvation

I am not a Christian writer. I am a writer who happens to be a Christian. The difference lies not in who I am, but in what I write. It is my understanding that the Christian writer is confined to writing Christian literature, whereas the writer who happens to be a Christian is free to write whatever.

Why am I bringing this up? Well, I’m scraping this post together last minute, and I wanted to discuss a topic that has often come to my mind, especially of late for me.

What does the presence of extraterrestrial life indicate for earthly religions?

A part of my writing theory—how I understand what I write and what others write—is that, unless stated otherwise, all stories are agnostic. This means that if God does exist in the story, He does nothing and therefore might as well be absent. That said, I normally don’t bring up God outside of this blog and my journal.

As such, the theological ramifications of aliens never really comes up. However, I believe that could be challenging if thought about too long as I did.

Many stories that do include aliens often have an evolutionary worldview, wherein the aliens and the humans evolved on different tracks, resulting in two sets of intelligent life that looks different from each other. Excluding the likes of Star Wars, where aliens are just there, sci-fi stories with aliens are either this or agnostic.

Why is this a problem? The better question is “Why is this not a problem?” I sat down to think about it, and tried to figure out how it would work if God and aliens existed in the same fictional universe. It raises way too many questions. Do the aliens have their own version of God? Did Jesus die for the aliens too? Did Jesus only have to die once then, or did He go to their planet as one of them and die for them too? Are they made in God’s image despite being green and having tentacles for arms?

Like I said: theological ramifications abound.

Maybe this is just my understanding of this. I could be right, I could be wrong, it could just be too early in the morning for me to dance with this topic. So, in closing, what are your thoughts?


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