How Logan Could Change R-Rated Superhero Movies

Last week, I wrote about Assassin’s Creed in light of the new trailer drop. Apparently, I missed the memo that there were a bunch of other trailers dropping. I bring this up because, last week, we got our first look at the next—and possibly final—X-Men movie, Logan.

Since it was announced, Logan has been hyped up to be the movie where we finally get an R-Rated Wolverine. However, many spoke out about it trying to emulate Deadpool.

And I admit, Deadpool is probably one of the first R-Rated Superhero movies. If you ignore Blade, Watchmen, Spawn, and (pardon my language) Kick-Ass, all of which predated the Pool’s onscreen appearance by three years at minimum.

So, what are my opinions on Logan in light of the increase in R-Rated superhero movies?

To be honest, I’m looking forward to this movie. While Deadpool billed itself as a comedy, thereby having the potential to attract a younger audience, Logan looks more like a drama piece. And a sad one at that. I think the budding R-Rated superhero genre needs to have more dramatic pieces, as the rating allows for more creative freedom and even realism. It has been used to fill the screen with violence-for-the-sake-of-violence and raunchy humor in movies that have little-to-no lasting value. Logan looks like a movie that could last.

Sure, Wolverine is certainly more popular than Deadpool and has been marketed to kids as well, but he’s always been darker and edgier. Yet, despite being darker and edgier than most others, he still has a good moral compass. Wolverine doesn’t go around picking fights; if my memory serves me well, he’s always been a good guy, just one who has twelve-inch retractable claws.

But, I won’t really know until the movie comes out. These are just my initial thoughts. I will say, though, that I plan on being in the theaters opening weekend.

Next week, I plan on doing a review of the recently-released Battlefield 1.

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