Doctor Strange Review

Well, I think we all need to take our minds off the election. That said, I won’t be talking about it further.

So, Doctor Strange came out last Friday. I actually got the chance to go see it on opening night. Even though you’ve probably all seen it by now, I’m going to go spoiler-free for this entry simply because I can.

The story is about a brain surgeon named Steven Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) who gets in a car accident and loses the use of his hands. Desperate to fix his problems, he travels the world and ends up in the courts of Tilda Swinton’s character, the White Witch–sorry, the Ancient One. So, what does she do to the former brain surgeon? Turn him into a superhero of course. And the story continues from there.

I wanted to write about Strange since it was announced, but when I planned, I was expecting the movie to be “Marvel does H. P. Lovecraft.” If you want to be thankful about something, be thankful that Strange was “Marvel does Inception and Harry Potter.” Otherwise, it would’ve been a five-post series about the aforementioned dime-novel author.

With that out of the way, I enjoyed the movie. It was bright, colorful, and well-written. While I wouldn’t call it the best MCU movie (that title goes either to the first Avengers or Civil War), it is certainly up there on the list. A lot of people have been comparing it to Iron Man in terms of the character development. Personally, I compare it more to Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor in terms of its worldbuilding. It’s clearly set in the real world, but there is a lot of new stuff to show off.

As far as the magic and mysticism, I’ll leave that discussion for Noah/another day. While there are few if any Christian themes prevalent, there are still good moral lessons. I won’t say what exactly, because spoilers.

Other Things I Liked: I was impressed with the humor in this movie. It was unexpected, and fit well with the story and the characters. That said, I also liked the character Wong, simply on the principle of him being a librarian.

Things I Didn’t Like: this could have just been me, but it felt like Cumberbatch slipped in and out of his native accent a couple times. Really, that’s the worst thing I have to say about this movie, though.


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10 thoughts on “Doctor Strange Review

  1. Thanks for your review! We’ll probably go see it when it gets to State Theater. Also, I checked out Civil War from the library, but we still didn’t watch it. My darling husband is thinking it would be over the top for me. I don’t think it would be an issue on the small screen, although you know how I feel about movies blurring the line between good and evil. What do you think?


    1. I’d say watch it. It does blur the lines between good and evil, but in a rather well-done way. It’s not a case of of one good guy’s descent into darkness. In as few words as possible, it’s more about two good guys both being good guys but going in opposite directions. So, in that regard, it’s very well written, and the acting of the characters is on point.
      That and Black Panther and Spider-Man. You’d like Black Panther and Spider-Man.
      If you want, I’ve got a review of Civil War, link here:


  2. I really wished there was more content here on why the movie was good or not and whether it was worth going to. Please go into more detail for your next review.


    1. Hey Zak,
      Sometimes our reviews are prescriptive, as you prefer, and sometimes they’re more descriptive. When I see this movie, I’ll compose a more opinionated review, specifically from a Christian perspective. Hopefully that’ll happen in the next week.
      Also, if you want to comment on something for the Persuasive Writing class, I’d suggest you find a post with my name on it, rather than my partner’s. I know, I have made my own blog a little trickier for you.
      All the best,
      Noah S


    2. The thing is, Zak, I can’t really say everything that I liked about the movie without going into spoiler territory. I thought the story was well-written, the special effects were amazing, and Michael Giacchino’s score was surprisingly good for a Marvel movie. However, a lot of the things I liked about it are things that either I didn’t expect and appreciated because I didn’t expect it, or things that happened in Act III. *I* thought it was good, and would recommend it to most people, but it’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to see it. This isn’t a “You gotta go see this” review; it’s a “There’s nothing to worry about here” review.
      And, yeah. I agree. This post wasn’t my best.
      I appreciate the input!
      –Isaac Trenti


      1. Thanks for offering, but I’m afraid I will have to decline. I would rather stay here on the Correlation, mainly for the freedom to write as a Christian. I did a little research into Moviepilot. While I am “a fan” (which makes me a good fit for the site) and I am impressed with the content I found there, I am also a Christian, and I know for a fact that my faith will differentiate my views from everyone else’s. I assume that the audience of Moviepilot is predominantly secular, so I’m not sure how I could write about Star Wars’s Jedi and Sith (, Rick & Morty (, or Role-Playing Games ( from a Christian perspective, or how it would benefit your site. Moreover, I personally don’t think people go to Moviepilot looking for a Christian perspective on things; they usually go to other sites.
        Again, thanks, but no thanks.

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