This Week in Geek-dom: Young Justice

After the good Teen Titans show and before the reboot, which I’m told is awful, there was Young Justice. Netflix is resurrecting it for a third season, which is a pretty big deal.
The show was basically Teen Titans again, but different. It had two Robins, two Kid Flashes, two Speedy’s (plus Green Arrow’s female sidekick, Artemis), Beast Boy, a different Aqualad, a Deathstroke cameo, even Mammoth. It also had Miss Martian, Zatanna, Superboy, Blue Beetle, and a ton of others. Most notably, it had the big-name heroes and villains like Red Tornado, Captain Marvel, Vandal Savage, and Lex Luthor.
Young Justice had less comedy than Teen Titans, and it squeezed more intricate plotting and character development into two seasons than Teen Titans had in five. Rather than being their own superhero team from the get-go, the sidekicks slowly gained independence and hard-earned maturity while trying to work together. In short, I liked it a bit better than Teen Titans, and I am really excited to see the new season. Here’s hoping it continues after that.
Teen Titans had some good friendship moments, but the Young Justice team is a family, straight up. They sometimes keep secrets from each other, so there’s mistrust thrown around, but when people come clean, they all forgive each other instantly. It’s beautiful.
The show is also about growing up. Sure, I don’t live in the shadow of Superman, Batman, the Flash, Green Arrow, or any super villain. But I still think teens can relate to the sidekicks’ problems. Superboy has serious daddy issues. Robin and Aqualad aren’t sure they want new responsibilities after they get them. Miss Martian and Artemis are sensitive about sharing their pasts with their friends. Red Tornado’s robot siblings struggle with why they should help humanity. Okay, that one might be a little less relate-able.
As I’ve said before, DC has more luck with their animated stuff than their live action films. Young Justice is the cream of the crop. And now we’re getting more of it, because the fans wouldn’t shut up about it. Nerds rule!


3 thoughts on “This Week in Geek-dom: Young Justice

  1. Hi Noah, I haven’t had the chance to watch Young Justice but am excited for you that you get to see another season of it. I am usually not into superhero-type shows, but I think this one might be interesting with the family drama and tension that you mentioned. I have never really linked that to these types of show s before. Your last sentence, “Nerds rule!” got me thinking about something entirely different. Do you think that so-called nerds find belonging in today’s society more than ever? Nerds no longer seem like the outcasts but are now an equally important group in social forces.


    1. Ohhh yeah. Two words: Dead. Pool. Some more words: highest grossing R film in, what, all of history? Nerds are cool. (Or rather geeks. See my very, very early post about the difference between the two.)


  2. You have heard right; the Teen Titans reboot is terrible. I saw an episode of the reboot before I saw an original series episode and now I find it hard to take the well-made original seriously. I really wish the reboot didn’t exist. I haven’t seen Young Justice but I just might now.


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