This Week in Geek-dom: Justice League Dark

My post about Doctor Strange has been delayed, partly because of my class schedule, mostly because I haven’t seen it yet. What I have seen is the trailer for Justice League Dark, DC’s upcoming animated flick.
My all-time favorite incarnation of Superman and his Justice League are back. They’ve faced Darkseid’s demons, Raven’s demons, and Atlantis, but this time they’re apparently facing proper magic that none of them are prepared for, so they need an entire B-team, straight out of obscure comic book canon.
Playing Batman’s role: John Constantine (voiced by the same guy who played him in the one-season Arrow-verse show), the magic world’s second greatest detective. The first greatest is a talking chimpanzee who is apparently unavailable.
Playing Wonder Woman’s token female role: Zatanna, with backwards magic words but (in the trailer) missing her traditional top hat.
And to demonstrate the downright weirdness of the magic world: Swamp Thing (exactly what it sounds like) and Etrigan, a demon who’s been on Earth since King Arthur’s days.
Longtime readers know how much we love media portrayals of angels and demons. (On that note, a big official welcome to everyone who found us through my Persuasive Writing class). Etrigan is remarkably similar to Marvel’s Ghost Rider, but believe it or not, both demonic do-gooders sharing bodies with humans were created for comics at the exact same time.
Unlike Ghost Rider, Etrigan doesn’t seem to punish the wicked for a vengeance narrative. He does it because Merlin hired him in one of those deals with a devil. I don’t think Etrigan even has a dark side. He may as well be an alien from a planet called Hell. Cool for geeks. Not so cool for Christians who are meant to believe that all demons are bad news.
Really, this is just another thing to add to the pile. Other fandoms suggest that angels can be jerks and the Devil himself might be redeemable. Turning a demon into a straight-up superhero, not even an anti-hero, is par for the course. All Christians need, as usual, is maturity and discernment. Kids, do not try this at home.
That’s the warning label that should go on all portrayals of magic. Most of it is purely fictional, but the magic that is real is really dangerous. Keep that in mind, though, and your innocence should remain intact.
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