Aliens Weaponize Teen Angst

This one doesn’t quite fit in my class-assignment-oriented opinionated posts. It’s more of a traditional one while the class is on break. Happy Thanksgiving. Let’s talk about Doctor Who. Or rather, the newest spinoff, “Class.”

I’ve seen “Class” described as Buffy meets Doctor Who. Rather than a Chosen One, there are 5 kids who know that Coal Hill school (the one from the very first Doctor Who story back in ’63, and where Clara Oswald worked) is the epicenter of a bunch of cracks in time and space, which release all sorts of alien stuff. It’s more like Torchwood, then, with teenagers and considerably less adult subject matter.

And oh boy, do they make the most of that teen angle. A few episodes ago, the kids encountered an alien that literally feeds on teen angst, particularly grief. Last week’s installment compared detention to a prison and featured an alien that turns teen angst, particularly guilt and anger from knowing what your friends really think of you, into a weapon.
The whole season the protagonist, an alien prince, has been feeling Doctor-like levels of survivor’s guilt as he wrestles with anger towards the aliens that slaughtered his race and fear that he’ll lose his boyfriend if he goes genocidal.

I can’t decide if there’s too much teen angst for a Doctor Who show or the right amount for the show’s demographic. Apart from the Doctor’s cameo in the pilot, I’m not sure if a casual viewer would recognize “Class” as a Doctor Who show.
Also, the the theme song is awesome. Unlike most Doctor Who shows it has actual lyrics, as it was borrowed from an actual rock band. It may be too high-energy and catchy for the angst-filled show it introduces, actually.

As I mentioned, the main male protagonist has a boyfriend. They’re kind of adorable, if you’re okay with the homosexuality. Also, that alien prince has a little box containing the souls of his entire dead race. It’s a very interesting afterlife concept. It even comes with Savior imagery, as the prince may become the mythical hero that brings them all back.
No big Christian connections this time, but I just wanted to nerd out for the holiday, kinda like last time I talked about Doctor Who.

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2 thoughts on “Aliens Weaponize Teen Angst

  1. Noah, I’ve never heard of this show, but I have watched a little bit of Doctor Who. To me, “Class” doesn’t sound as good as the original, but that could be because I haven’t seen enough Doctor Who to know the ins-and-outs and/or because I haven’t watched it in a while. Spin-offs are always interesting, though, because people receive and react to them differently.


    1. Yeah, it’s not as good as Doctor Who. But since you don’t necessarily need to know that it’s a Doctor Who show, if you’re into high school student angst you’ll still like it. That’s the other nice thing about spinoffs. Same universe, different demographic appeal.


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