Rogue One Review: Movies and Trailers

So, I finally got to see Rogue One.

[Note: I removed about ten pages of me crying into my keyboard. Most of it came out as unintelligible, weepy gibberish. Around page 5, I wrote “It’s beautiful. So beautiful.” about three times, then went back to random letters and numbers.]

I’m fine now. I just had to get that out of my system.

To be honest, there’s a lot that I liked about Rogue One. I liked the space battles, Chirrut Imwe, the explanations for the plot holes in A New Hope, K-2SO or “Wash-Bot” as I like to call him. I even liked Darth Vader, despite being a proud supporter of the Rebel Alliance. (Long Live the Rebellion!)

There’s a lot that I was surprised about too. And I am not the only one who walked away surprised. The day after I saw it in theaters, I came upon a bunch—and I mean a bunch—of people, mainly on YouTube, talking about how there were scenes in the trailers that were not in the final cut.

After having seen the movie, I can’t help but think, “Really? That’s your complaint?” [double-take] “Actually, hang on, you’re complaining?” I didn’t worry about how the movie and the trailers lined up. The movie has about an hour and forty-five minutes on the trailers combined; I think the movie is canon. I was happy that the movie was good.

I, for one, am also glad I got to see a Star Wars movie in theaters again. I was too young to watch the prequels when they were in theaters, so actually getting to see lightsaber fights and space battles on the big screen was a real treat.

That said, I’d probably put Rogue One in at least my top four Star Wars movies. The characters were well-written, the story was compelling, and even the score was great. There were a lot of other things I liked, but I’ll skip them for now. (Especially since some of them are spoiler territory.)


Added in Memory of Carrie Fisher

So, one of my side-hobbies is drawing. I’m not very good…actually, I’m quite terrible compared to many of my peers.

However, I felt the need to add a drawing to this post.


(For those who can’t read my handwriting, the text is “Charming to the Last.” [The first line said by Tarkin to Leia in Episode IV; I thought it an accurate description of Carrie Fisher.])


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3 thoughts on “Rogue One Review: Movies and Trailers

    1. No, that isn’t really sad at all. I do recommend watching the others, though. They are pretty good.
      Except the prequels. They’re okay, but it’s clear that George Lucas doesn’t know how to write dialogue.


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