Anime Review: Assassination Classroom, Season 1

Happy New Year, dear readers! In case you wonder what my writing process is, it alternates between, “Ooh, this would be a good idea for a blog post, I should write it,” and “Oh holy night! I’ve got a blog post due tomorrow!”

That said, I’ve been meaning to do a review on Assassination Classroom, but I’ve been putting it off for a rainy day.

Assassination Classroom, at first, is about what it sounds like: a teacher teaches his students to be assassins. Of course, upon further inspection, it is more than that. You see, the teacher, Koro-sensei, is actually a yellow octopus/tentacle-monster capable of moving at speeds of Mach 20 and healing from any injuries he does take. Not to mention he is responsible for blowing up over a third of the moon.

Koro-sensei, in his natural habitat. Or one of. (photo credit: Assassination Classroom Wiki)

And not only is he the student’s teacher, he is also their target.

I remember writing the Three Rules of Anime way back when, and I wish to cite the first one again, “Rule #1: It’s better than it sounds.” I say this because a lot of anime are generally hard to describe while still sounding good. (Seriously. Tell me again what Attack on Titan is about.)

Honestly, I’m not sure if Assassination Classroom fulfills this rule or defies this rule. In its simplest definition, it sounds like a fun show. Go deeper and it gets weirder. And slightly better.

Really, there’s little I have to say against this anime. It’s well-paced, action-packed, and at times downright hilarious, even heartwarming. I say heartwarming because this anime subverts the normal trope of following the students of a higher-level class, and instead has Koro-sensei teach the lowest ranking class in the school. The outcasts. The borderline-drop-outs.

And, to be quite blunt, this is where a lot of the best parts of the anime come from: Koro-sensei being a teacher and a mentor to his students. “I am your teacher first, your target second,” he says repeatedly.

If I were to find a moral in this anime, it would be this: a little respect can go a very long way. Despite being the target of his students’ assassination attempts, he still shows a lot of respect for them, even when that respect just means caring a little.


8/10 ~ a pretty good anime, if you ask me. There is some language, but I’m not sure how much weight it holds when it’s Japanese-speaking students swearing in English. I would recommend this show to most people.


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