Blind Faith in Rogue One

*Here be unavoidable Rogue One spoilers.*
I said once before that Star Wars was Christian-compatible because it’s about faith in a higher power. I say now that Rogue One is the very best example of that. “What?” I hear you scream. “But there aren’t even any Jedi?” Exactly.
Chirrut “Are you kidding me? I’m blind!” Imwe’s epic Stormtrooper-killing scene is a combination of a) Daredevil-like skills, b) Stormtroopers’ famously hilarious aim, and c) the Force protecting him. But maybe those last two are really the same thing, and always have been.
There have been various theories for how the Stormtroopers are so bad at hitting what they’re aiming at, unless they’re aiming at Poe Dameron’s ship. Here’s my theory: the Force is with the heroes. It’s so simple, yet it took a blind guy to demonstrate it.
Even in the end, when the cream-of-the-crop Death Troopers are firing at Chirrut, he makes it all the way to his goal. The Force protects him because he believes it will. It may not be guiding him like a Jedi, but it was probably guiding his Hawkeye-style crossbow laser bolts after he had fired them. He believed they would hit something, and then they did.
YouTube’s Ben Carlin pointed this one out: when the Rogue One team is “flying casually” and trying to get into Imperial territory, they e-mail the password to the guards and cross their fingers that it will work. Jyn “Walking Plot Device” Erso grabs her mom’s magic-rock necklace and, presumably, trusts the Force. And then the guards let them in.
But maybe they get lucky. Maybe Chirrut really is Daredevil/Hawkeye. Only Darth Vader’s “be careful not to choke on your aspirations” scene and his 30 seconds of epic Rebel-stomping show clear examples of Force manipulation. Still, I say this movie shows you don’t need to be a Jedi or a Sith for the Force to be with you. You just need faith.

Do I even need to explain the Christian connection?
I’ve never personally witnessed a sun-stand-still, mountain moving miracle (like Force telekinesis), but I’ve seen many, many instances where a Christian trusts God that something good will happen and then it does.

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