Nintendo Switch’s Big Releases and…Parental Controls?

“I wouldn’t recommend anything to kids.”

I like to think that this is my catchphrase, especially for reviews, but I don’t think I explained it properly. I like to put it into my reviews in the off-chance that a parent stumbles across my post while researching it for one of their kids. What I mean when I say, “I wouldn’t recommend much to kids” is closer to “There are things in here that I would not show to a four-year-old, but that’s just my opinion. Why are you asking me? Your kids are your kids. Train up your children in the way they should go, so when they are old, they will not depart from it.”

I bring this up because Nintendo unveiled a lot about the Switch this last week. Each of Nintendo’s big franchises are getting new games for the Switch, and all of them look amazing. But the one release that caught my eye was their video regarding their Parental Controls.

This first struck me as odd. Why would Nintendo want to put their Parental Controls next to announcements for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Mario Odyssey. So, I shrugged and watched it.

Here’s a link:

Now, I own a WiiU. I am familiar with it’s Parental Control system. It is nothing like the Switch’s.

I say this because the Switch involves the parents. Sure, this doesn’t make it a major selling point, but it is something that raises my eyebrows and makes me say, “I like what I see.”

In my opinion, Nintendo is doing a good thing. The other home consoles are geared more for single-player, occasionally (but hardly) obliging splitscreen. Games now are becoming a singular experience that one person can enjoy apart from the other people who enjoy it. From the way it looks to me, Nintendo isn’t marketing the Switch to singular gamers; they’re marketing it to families.

And, until Nintendo does something otherwise, I almost feel comfortable saying, “I can recommend this for kids.”

Now if they could bring the price down to something more manageable, then we can talk. I’m nowhere close to having enough for Breath of the Wild when it comes out.

Oh, yeah, that reminds me, BREATH OF THE WILD IS COMING OUT!!


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