Is There Value in the Reboot?

So, things have been pretty normal for me after I got off my soapbox about Lovecr—Howard. Whew, close one there.

In looking for things to do today’s post on, I came across a new trailer for Beauty and the Beast. The one with Emma Watson (Harry Potter’s Hermione) as Belle and Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey’s Matthew) as the Beast.

Now, it’s blatantly obvious why Disney’s doing it. It’s for the almighty dollar. They found out that putting three coins together looks like Mickey Mouse’s head and are trying to make enough  money to do it as much as possible.

At least, that’s my theory.

To be fair, I do plan on going to see Beauty and the Beast when it comes out—yeah, I’m calling it now, March is gonna be a busy month for this blog—and I did enjoy the live-action remakes of Jungle Book and Cinderella. The only one I questioned was Pete’s Dragon, but I didn’t see the original.

In that light, what is the merit of a reboot? Well, in these cases, I see them as a new generation’s take on the older stories. Each of the above-mentioned movies changed something from the original. Jungle Book changed the ending and drew more ties to the original Rudyard Kipling novel. Cinderella didn’t have the singing mice—a fact about which I am mildly salty, by the way. Pete’s Dragon had a different kind of animated dragon.

These movies are not so much reboots as they are remasters. Retellings of the time-honored tales.

And, that’s really all I have to say for this week.

I’ll probably do something related to a romantic media this month, as it is February.

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