Do Reboots Happen Too Soon?


Okay, an explanation is an order.

I’ve been working my way through the Netflix Original series A Series of Unfortunate Events.

[Enter Lemony Snicket]

Lemony: The word “Original,” here means “exclusive,” namely to the streaming service called Netflix, and is not indicative that the story idea was original. It is in fact, an adaptation of the tale of the Baudelaire children’s life, the regaling of which a solemn duty which I took upon myself many years ago. Three times, no less. There were the books, a Jim Carey movie, and now a Netflix series.

Isaac: Why do you sound like Kronk this time?

[Lemony realizes that Isaac can see him, and exits.]

Huh, weird.

This one struck me as a bit odd. I remember the Jim Carey version coming out within my lifetime, why are they rebooting it? I mean, usually a reboot usually happens after twenty years, especially if they recast it. The only other case I can think of where this happened was with Spider-Man, who is going on…what was it now…a new reboot every four to six years since Sam Rami?

I guess I shouldn’t be too angry. The Spider-Man movies were done to keep the rights and to show that they shifted. Series of Unfortunate Events is a more accurate adaptation of the books.

And in this case, it is a cross-medium transition. Unfortunate Events was a book series, then a movie, then a TV show. Spider-Man’s been rebooted more times than I care to count, across basically every medium. (For crying out loud, he got a musical.)

The point is, they happen too soon, but there is usually a reason. And in the examples I can think of, they are done to correct the mistakes of the past and spread the stories out for people of different tastes.

So, I guess there isn’t much to say on this topic.

Until next week, then.


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