The Frustrating Thing about Gay Romances

So this week’s post was going to be about the Lego Batman movie. It’s just as hilarious and heart-tugging as the first Lego movie. From a Christian standpoint, the main problem is the gay subtext.
Last Valentine’s season I wrote a post about gay romances. I determined that fictional gay couples aren’t as sinful as real world ones because the rules of these fictional universes are different. Of course, celebrating this sin through our fiction isn’t great either. I do have some problems with gay romances, and it just so happens I was inspired to write about them on Valentine’s Week.
I have two major frustrations with gay characters in fandoms. One: I’m a big fan of Captain Jack Harkness, flirtatious time agent of Doctor Who & Torchwood; Madame Vastra, man-eating, reptilian Sherlock Holmes of Doctor Who; and Cosima Neirhaus, Minnesotan super-nerd of Orphan Black. They all happen to be gay, which makes me feel like I shouldn’t like them as much on Christian principles. It’s annoying.
My other, bigger frustration: “coming out” counts as character development. And it’s often used as a character’s only development.
I saw another one of those seasonal lists of fandom couples. This one included Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. The girl in the video said something along the lines of “Harley Quinn’s character got better when she ‘evolved’ into a polygamous bisexual.” Yes, dating Poison Ivy is a little better than her abusive relationship with the Joker, but you’re basically saying this strong, independent female who don’t need no man does need a woman. How is that actually better?
See also the Arrow-verse Supergirl show. In Season 1, Kara Danvers’ sister Alex was sort of flirting with pseudo-Lex Luthor. In Season 2, that guy was replaced with Morgan Le Fay and Alex got a girlfriend. And that’s been her entire character arc this season. If a girl was defined almost entirely by their relationship with a boy, fans would see this as a problem. But when it’s girl-on-girl, it’s somehow okay?
There are two explanations. “Girl power” is extending to “lesbian power.” And even more, the fallen human masses want to celebrate LGBTs, because doing any less might be considered “homophobic.” It’s just going to keep happening, and that’s the really frustrating part.

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