The LEGO Batman Movie Review

I’m not sure if I’ve said this on the blog yet, but I like LEGOs. One quick look at my desk says that, as I have a wide array of characters and sets, all in the LEGO form. I even have a little LEGO me.

So, needless to say, I’m a little biased towards The LEGO Batman Movie.

I mean, Batman hasn’t been my favorite superhero; I’ve always been more interested in the villains. Still, this movie managed to do a great job with a character who normally has the personality of gravelly yogurt. (Shout-out to my sister for that description.)

In that regard, I liked how they managed to give Batman a personality. The movie did a good job of showing him to be a bit of a loner and a jerk, and it’s about him opening up to other people.

I don’t feel like there’s a lot to be said about The LEGO Batman Movie. It was a good movie, and I enjoyed it. It did feel like it was tailored more towards Batman fans than LEGO fans, but I was not disappointed.

So, how does it compare to other kids movies, then?

Well, looking at what’s on the plate for the rest of the year, this one looks like it’s the most intriguing, and probably the only one I’ll take time to watch. I mean, the annual competition is Smurfs 3, Cars 3, an adaptation of Captain Underpants, and a little waste of production money called Boss Baby, I think we may be seeing one of the better animated movies of this year.

It’s sad, but I’m calling it. Unless Cars 3, Coco (the second Disney/Pixar movie this year), and LEGO Ninjago (the other LEGO movie this year) turn out well, The LEGO Batman Movie may be the best animated movie of the year.

And, true to form for reviews of new movies…

Other Things I Liked: they maintained the fun-loving side of 2014’s The LEGO Movie; the action, despite being LEGO, is probably the best action I’ve seen in a Batman movie; the movie’s ruthless parody of the Batman franchise. Also, with the LEGO Ninjago movie coming out, does this mean LEGO’s doing their own cinematic universe?

Things I Didn’t Like: I didn’t really care that much for the Joker. Not because of the gay subtext that Noah picked up on, but because he felt a little too obsessive over Batman. In the other movies, he does what he does for other reasons: money, power, freedom, just causing chaos. In this one, pardon my anime-speak, but he’s doing what he does so, “Batman-senpai can notice me.” The parody was a little too strong here—a rare sentence coming out of my mouth.
Also, the “My name’s Richard Grayson, but my friends call me Dick” joke felt out of place and unnecessary. People who’ve seen it, you know what I’m talking about; parents, you’ve been warned.


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