Our Name is Legion, for we are Legit Insane

Watching Legion makes me think about Doctor Who. Then again, I’m a nerd. There was a time when looking at linoleum made me think about Doctor Who. (Bonus points if you get that reference.)
David “Legion” Walker is a Marvel mutant, like the X-men. In the comics, he’s the son of Professor X, he’s the most powerful mutant since Apocalypse himself, and he’s completely off his rocker.
In the new TV show, David Haller was sent to a mental hospital because he heard voices and saw weird stuff. Then he met some people with superpowers who told him he isn’t really crazy. He’s just telepathic and telekinetic.
As I said, it makes me think of Doctor Who. There was a little girl who heard voices and saw fairies. Her parents gave her medicine. Then she met the Doctor, and he said she was psychic. He even said the grown-ups were silly to want to shut up the voices. See the problem here? What if Doctor Who is teaching kids that if they hear voices, they shouldn’t listen to doctors or take their medicine? Legion runs the risk of teaching the same lesson.
Normally, at this point I would say something about wisdom and discernment. But Legion is different. In the comics, it is made very clear that yes, David is telepathic and telekinetic and all sorts of other things, but he is also undeniably clinically insane. Characters in the show keep suggesting that no, David, you’re not sick. You’re just insanely powerful. But of course, what if he’s both? That would be worse. That would be terrifying.
Slowly, the show has revealed that the devil creature haunting David’s subconscious is an actual monster, not a manifestation of his so-called sickness. It’s a really clever twist: you’re sick, David – no, you’re just a mutant – nope, you’re being haunted by the ghost of *Spoilers* and you’re not fully in control of yourself or your mutant powers. Surprise!
Yeah, mental health is a serious issue. Fandoms shouldn’t make light of it. But Legion isn’t making light of anything. It goes so not light it has a Viewer Discretion Advised label; when even the non-Christians are nervous about the content, you know something’s up.
No big Christian connection this time, but it’s been about a month since I brought up Doctor Who. I felt it was due.

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