Is “Legend of Zelda” Christian?

The thing that separates me from most video game reviewers is my funding. While groups like Game Grumps, Peanutbuttergamer, and many others have already played Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and done their reviews on it.

I, on the other hand, am perpetually one paycheck and/or a really good excuse away from buying the game. Though, I did finish Wind Waker recently. I am currently in therapy because of the ending.

I came across a video on YouTube published by a fellow who goes by Gaijin Goomba. (I have been a fan of his work for quite some time, and I recommend giving his videos a watch.) One of his recent videos caught my attention. It was titled, “Legend of Zelda’s UNBELIEVABLE Origins in Christianity!”

Needless to say, it seemed right up my alley to give a response. Despite how the title sounds, he was actually in favor of the Christian symbolism in the early games. My only disagreement was in his interpretation of the Holy Spirit, but I think that’s something that varies from doctrine to doctrine. (I see the Holy Spirit as God, present in the world today. Not His presence, but Him being present.)

Although, the last time I wrote about Legend of Zelda, I noted it for having a lot of polytheistic themes. The three goddesses who formed the Triforce (Naryu, Din, and Farore) being the main reason, though I think we can add the implied reincarnation of the main characters to the list. While Mr. Goomba’s argument for the symbolism makes sense, I am still hesitant to call it a Christian game.

However—and this is a massive however—I do not agree with the arguments for the games being anti-Christian or satanic. As Mr. Goomba pointed out, there are people who see Zelda as such. I found one that called the games, “The Devil’s Playground.” I don’t want to go into the argument against that viewpoint, but I should say that I am not one of them. I know satanic when I see it, and Zelda isn’t.

So, what is Zelda then? Well, it’s a good video game series. I play them, and I enjoy playing them. They aren’t directly Christian, though they have Christian symbolism. And they aren’t satanic, despite arguments in favor of it. They require a fair amount willing suspension of disbelief, but doesn’t everything these days?

I may write a follow-up to this post after I play Breath of the Wild, but no promises. I will post a review on it after I buy and play it.


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2 thoughts on “Is “Legend of Zelda” Christian?

  1. Unfortunately, the newest game directly asks you to pray to the goddess to get upgrades. There’s even a “pray” prompt when you approach the statue.


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