Are Nerds Social Outcasts?

“Do you think that so-called nerds find belonging in today’s society more than ever? Nerds no longer seem like the outcasts but are now an equally important group in social forces.” – A commenter a few months ago.
As I said way, way back when, nerds tend to make lots of money, but they’re normally behind the scenes doing Silicon Valley-type stuff. They’ve always been an important group in certain “social forces,” but now they are increasingly coming into the foreground.
Deadpool is the highest grossing R-rated movie since Passion of the Flipping Christ. The 20 highest grossing movies of all-time include Star Wars 7 and Rogue One, both Avengers movies, Cap 3: Civil War, and (believe it or not) Iron Man 3. The CW has given the Green Arrow five seasons of TV and two (or three, depending on how you count) spinoffs, with more in the works.
But it’s not just movies and TV. Just recently, John and Hank Green hosted NerdCon: Nerdfighteria, celebrating 10 years of nerds coming together over their common passions and then working together to decrease the amount of suck in the world and increase the awesome, mainly by donating to charity. That community also sponsors a successful British soccer team; jocks wear a nerd logo on their shorts!
Bill Gates is one of history’s greatest nerds and one of the most influential people on the planet, and these days he uses most of his resources on charity. J.K. Rowling and a coalition of Harry Potter fans also do charity work.
Today, then, the common theme is not only making lots of money but also giving lots of money to worthy causes. With nerdiness comes passion, and passion is an excellent tool for accomplishing whatever you set your mind to. With nerdiness comes community, as well, so a single nerd with an idea that will benefit the world has access to a lot of help in making it a reality.

Side note: the top Google search results seem to disagree with me. I asked whey nerds are more accepted in today’s society, and the common answer seemed to be that they really aren’t, and they’re still just as misunderstood as they once were. Since I wasn’t a nerd in the pre-Gates era, I can’t know for sure what’s changed since he “made nerds cool.”

Any other questions? They might get answered!
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