Beauty and the Beast…and the Gay Guy [We’re Going There!]

[Isaac gets up from a long night’s sleep. As he steps out into the main room towards his computer, he walks past a large elephant wearing a “LeFou is Gay” banner. Despite the elephant, Isaac sits down and writes at his computer.]

It’s official. 10:00 PM showings at theaters should not be a thing. I think I’m officially too old for them.

Anyway, I saw Beauty and the Beast last night, and it was good. At least, I liked it. The visual effects were amazing. The acting was incredible. Even though they added a few songs, the adaptation was spot on with its original. I wouldn’t call it my favorite Disney movie, but it was pretty good. Also, it has Ian McKellen (Gandalf, Magneto) as a clock and Ewan McGreggor (Obi-Wan Kenobi) as a candelabra. What’s not to like?

[The elephant sneaks up behind Isaac and rests its trunk on his head. Comically clasped in its trunk is a “LeFou is Gay” flag, which the elephant waves.]

Oh, yeah. That.

This movie features Disney more-or-less caving to the “include a gay character” demands of popular culture by turning LeFou, the comic relief foil to Gaston, into…well, Josh Gad.

To be frank, I didn’t really care about LeFou in the original. He served as an expositional character for Gaston. He didn’t have enough character development in the original.

So, do I like him now? No. Not really. And not because he’s gay; it’s because he’s Josh Gad. I don’t know why I don’t like him. I can’t put my finger on it. It’ll probably come to me in summer.

While LeFou’s…development is unwarranted, it actually neither adds nor removes anything from the story. Aside from two, maybe three scenes, LeFou is played more as Gaston’s war buddy / protégé than his gay best friend.

In fact, the movie actually has a few scenes where the writers could’ve gone completely overboard with the “gay-ness,” but didn’t. For example, Gaston at one point asks LeFou why he hasn’t found a girl. To which LeFou replies, “I’ve been told I have a clingy personality.” No sarcasm from me: there’s nothing gay about that.

So, in short, was LeFou’s homosexuality necessary? No. Was it blown out of proportion in the movie? Not really. Beauty and the Beast was still Beauty and the Beast even with a gay character.

Take the movie as you will, dear readers. I enjoyed it at least.

After all, did I mention that it has Magneto as a clock?


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2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast…and the Gay Guy [We’re Going There!]

  1. See also Doctor Who. For multiple reasons. 1) most of the time the gay character is a throwaway joke to demonstrate how “progressive” culture is on other planets or in the future (Torchwood, of course, is a different story, as is the newer spinoff Class). 2) “France. (shrugs) Different planet.”
    You make a very good point though. Even if it’s not blown out of proportion or turned into a character’s only development (i.e. my Valentine’s day rant), it’s still not necessary. But since it’s just going to keep happening, it can be overlooked if you can find good things, like loving your neighbor despite their appearances or table manners (I haven’t seen the new one yet, so don’t quote me on that).


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