Hank Green and Donald Trump (no, wait, come back)

Hank Green is one of the unofficial overlords of YouTube. He and his brother Hank and their Internet followers hacked YouTube so the front page would be filled with videos about charity. Multiple times. And YouTube helped them with later iterations of the project.
They also run VidCon, which is like the YouTube Comic-Con. YouTube helps them with that too, these days, but they started without their official involvement and it’s still entirely their event.
Hank helped create, among MANY other projects, the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which has inspired and influenced countless other literary-inspired webseries, which you should watch.
He’s one of the most influential nerds on the planet, and he’s always humble and gracious about it. I want to talk specifically about his recent YouTube video.
I’m about to break one of my rules and talk about politics, but only briefly and indirectly. Brace yourself.
For context, in case you didn’t know, Hank Green is not a Trump supporter. In his recent video, Hank said the 2016 election was one of the things that inspired him to rethink his system of choosing priorities. After the election, he feels like all the things he does to make the world a better place may not be doing enough. He’s newly inspired to improve the world, which is a great thing, in theory. But from my perspective he’s been doing just fine!
Hank’s biggest contribution to the world is a small country’s worth of like-minded people inspired by him and his brother to make the world better without direct supervision. Those same people will see this recent video. They may be newly inspired to improve the world, which is a good thing. It’s a nicer way to respond to Trump than being stressed out about the future.
I don’t think Hank is a person of faith. He’s not inspired to make the world better by Christian-based morality, but that’s fine. Meanwhile, we Christians have our own imperative to do good things. We can take new inspiration from things like politics if we want to. But we shouldn’t feel some added responsibility for saving the world. Trump isn’t slowing God’s plan down all that much.

Did that make sense? What do you think? Let’s Connect!

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