Last Tuesday in Geek-dom: iZombie

Just when most of my favorite shows were wrapping up for the season, “iZombie” had its Season 3 premiere last Tuesday.
iZombie is Rob Thomas’ latest project. His other popular project, “Veronica Mars,” was like Buffy the Vampire Slayer without the supernatural elements. iZombie is like Veronica Mars with zombies.
Liv Moore was turned into a zombie by David Anders (the evil immortal from Heroes). She works at the Seattle police morgue and eats the brains of murder victims to stay mostly human. Side effects include adopting personality traits of the people she eats and seeing visions of their memories. She solves murders with a detective who thinks she’s psychic.

I did a little research into why we find zombies so scary and yet love watching them.
1) Fear of disease. The monsters in “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” were the Black Plague with feet. This is a disease that can kill you even if you don’t contract it because the people who do catch it become hard-to-kill psycho killers.
2) They’re us but a little bit different. Like communists. Or mindless consumers.
iZombie is different from other zombie stories because zombies can easily masquerade as humans if they can afford spray tan and hair dye and, oh yeah, brains. But especially in Season 3, the characters are dealing with the real possibility of humans learning the truth and what would happen next.
I’ve seen people on the Internet say “if the zombie apocalypse hit there would be people fighting for zombie rights.” Our world is all about accepting everyone. Nerds and geeks especially love it. Anyone can passionately love a fictional world – gay people…yeah, that’s pretty much it. In theory, these communities would also be inclusive of refugees and non-radical Muslims and people with different politics. Would we accept zombies?
This super-acceptance gets a little annoying from a Christian perspective, for a couple reasons. For one thing, we believe that gay people and Muslims are still people, but ideally we’d want them to change. Also…well, we’re supposed to love our neighbors unconditionally. But we don’t. We fall prey to the same prejudices as everyone else. Nerds and geeks as a community sometimes do a better job of loving their neighbors than we as Christians do.
Wow, that got intense. Take it as motivation, I guess.

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