This Guy Came In Second to a Talking Chimpanzee

Not every CW superhero show is wildly popular. “Constantine” got one season (or less) before it was cancelled. But reportedly it’s coming back in some form later this year – maybe animated, maybe live action, maybe both. Nerds know that doesn’t happen often. So, what are we in for this time?
Constantine is a bit like Supernatural turned superhero show (maybe that’s why it didn’t last long on the CW). Unlike the Winchesters, Constantine’s titular hero is upfront and honest from the get-go about demons, ghosts, and other things that go bump in the night. He doesn’t care if people believe him because he’s usually set on working alone anyway. In other words, he’d be classified as an anti-hero.
When the show begins, Constantine is “retired” because one of his cases went wrong and someone died. Also, his soul is destined for eternal torment in hell because of some demon contract or something, so he figures he might as well try not to die. But then he finds out that there’s a slight chance of saving his soul if he does the superhero thing well enough.

Yay, Judeo-Christian mythology again. The thing about shows like this is, for the most part, they’re not exactly blasphemous or sacrilegious. Some of the stuff they reference, like magic and certain monsters, are clearly fiction. But real demons can pull off things that look like voodoo and whatnot. The thing these stories get wrong is the extensive influence of these evil powers. It’s like the only thing stopping demons, witches, and voodoo lords is a hard-drinking, hard-smoking Irish detective in a trench coat or two plaid-clad brothers in a Chevy who can only be in one place at once.
And then there’s the whole “save my soul” thing. It’s one thing to work with the common misconception that bad people go to hell and good people go to Heaven. But the concept of selling your soul to the Devil does more than ignore the prospect of Jesus and salvation; it directly undermines Him. The Devil technically already has a claim on your soul. The only one you can sell it to is Jesus, and he already bought it with his sacrifice on Good Friday two thousand years ago. You don’t need to be a superhero to get in on that deal. In fact, the only thing that will work is simply accepting salvation.

Happy Easter, folks. Let’s Connect.



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