Well…this is awkward.

So, you may have noticed that I did not post anything last week. That is because my schedule has been an absolute mess lately. I’m fine. I’m alive. I am healthy. But at the same time I have homework and projects coming at me from all sides, and no back-up posts to help.

That said, I will be taking a few weeks off. I finish my classes and projects on May 11th, so I will probably start posting again after that. At the earliest, I will post again on May 10th.

Projects and homework aside, I will also be using some of the time to research an upcoming post. I plan on continuing the “How the Media Portrays…” series with “How the Media Portrays Hell.” This ended up being a bigger task than I thought, so I’ll need a little time to do some research on the subject–both how Hell appears in the Bible and how Hell appears in the media. Hopefully, that will be the post I upload when I get back, and (as the post stands) it may be a two-part article.

And lastly, Noah, I’m fine with you talking about Lovecraft. Again, my chief grievance against him was more against his fandom than anything else. I mean, I respect Lovecraft as a writer. To his credit, he basically started a religion. (Then again…he basically started a religion, so that’s also a mark against him.)

I, for one, treat Lovecraft the same way I treat Dan Brown, Stephanie Meyer, and E.L. James; I recognize the fact that they are published writers, though I do not appreciate what has become of their writing.

To be fair, I also kind of like (and occasionally reference) “Welcome to Night Vale.” It’s a decent podcast–and this coming from the guy who doesn’t really like podcasts.

So, yeah. I will see you all, readers and co-writer, in a few weeks.


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