The Girl with the Freak Optical Effect in her Eye

Spoiler-Free Synopsis of Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 1, “The Pilot”:
Bill Potts’ life just got real interesting. Her tutor, a strange man called the Doctor, has a mysterious blue box in his office and a mysterious vault beneath it. She has a crush on a girl with a discolored iris who seems obsessed with a strange puddle. And something is chasing Bill; it might be the girl. It might be the puddle. Bill has a lot of questions, but she loves learning new things, and the Doctor likes showing people new things.
Let’s talk about Doctor Who. (I always want to talk about Doctor Who.)
Not since the Davies era have we had a companion as genuinely human as Bill Potts. She asks the right questions, kind of like Donna Noble. Her mum seems remarkably like Rose Tyler’s. And for the first time since Smith & Jones we got a companion introduction from the human perspective. We get to see the Doctor as an intergalactic man of mystery, as he should be.
Speaking of him, I love Capaldi’s Doctor. Chris Eck’s version is “my Doctor,” but Capaldi’s is the best. He’s even showing character development, getting better at caring for people. And that lecture about Time! I love this show.
To add to the air of mystery, this season’s Bad Wolf Plotline is unlike any other since the show’s reboot. The Doctor knows more than he’s saying, and the little clues will probably come from him rather than random graffiti or prophecies from strangers. That will keep me interested.
And this time the threat came from a human connection. Not an alien with a long history with the Doctor, not a monstrous thing intent on destroying the Earth. Just a girl with hopes and dreams and a little crush. (But no spoilers.)

Bill Potts is gay. That’s big news, apparently. Captain Jack was omnisexual, Canton Everett Delaware III was gay, Clara Oswald thought Jane Austen was a good kisser. But stop the presses: Bill Potts is gay and this time it matters to the plot!
I’ve already said my piece about LGBT’s. God doesn’t exist in the Doctor Who universe, so let your freak flag fly. My only problem would be if gay was all there is to Bill, and that’s clearly not the case.

Seriously, that lecture about Time. I love this show.

9/10 extra servings of chips.

What did you think of this episode? Let’s Connect! With Isaac on hiatus, I need someone to talk to about this.
P.S. I intend to review every episode, which means I have a little catching up to do. Stay tuned.



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