Who Put an Elephant on the Thames?

Spoiler Free Synopsis of Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 3, “Thin Ice”:
The Doctor has been to the 1814 London Frost Fair before, but he didn’t notice the lights under the ice on the Thames. When he ends up there with Bill, they see the lights and how they seem to swallow people up. Bill isn’t sure she approves of the Doctor’s reaction, but they have bigger things to worry about. Much, much bigger. And hungrier.

I wrote the piece about “Smile” before I saw this episode. I wasn’t expecting the day when Bill disagreed with the Doctor to come so soon. But now it’s happened, and my reaction is noticing that Pearl Mackie is a pretty good actress. She portrays brilliantly the whirlwind of emotions any companion experiences, especially early on. Look at that face.

Bill isn’t wrong, either. The Doctor may be better at interacting with humans these days, but that doesn’t mean he reacts with human responses. Sometimes that’s good because he can move past the pangs of loss and start fixing the problem, but it sometimes means the people around him drown in the emotion without a hand to pull them out.
This time, the Doctor and Bill were saved from their tough conversation by child actors. This show, like most shows, has an up-down relationship with child actors. These kids were talented, except for the young girl, who was adorable, so that’s all right. The kids added to the beautiful historical setting we expect from this show.
The Doctor gives another speech, and Bill appreciates it…maybe a little too much. It occurs to me that Capaldi’s excellent performance may lose something if the awestruck companion keeps drawing attention to how good he is. Kind of like how people asking “Doctor who?” got old real quick.
We get another look at that mystery vault. No spoilers, of course, but I’m starting to theorize that this plotline is something we’ve seen before. And that bugs me. Moffat can’t give us something new for his last hurrah?
Also: this season sure knows how to do episode openers.

I have no complaints about this episode. No Christian-compatible moral either, but I decided to review this season and I don’t want to skip anything.

9/10 swimsuits secured through magical alien powers.

What did you think of this episode? Let’s Connect!


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