Invasion of the Wood Lice doesn’t sound as good

Spoiler-Free Synopsis of Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 4, “Knock Knock”:
Bill is going halvsies on renting a new house, except there are six friends and the house isn’t new at all. The appliances are outdated, every square inch creaks when you touch it, and the landlord is a bit creepy. The Doctor is suspicious, but Bill assures him that it’s normal and he doesn’t need to investigate. Then her friends start disappearing.

This show can get away with two “horror” stories so close together because, as I said, the last one was mostly a futuristic space story and this one is a haunted house, complete with jump scares, dark shadows, creepy noises, and young people pranking other young people. The atmosphere works this time, too. The young people are decent actors, thankfully, and the monsters are effective.
Bill continues to find ways to be less awestruck of the Doctor. This time she wanted the Doctor to stay in the TARDIS and out of her personal life. I think the Doctor genuinely doesn’t understand “part-time companion.” Until the Ponds, I don’t think he ever had one who didn’t stay on the TARDIS full time. Clara considered him a hobby and he still felt strongly attached to her. He recently spent 24 years on a date with River Song, and then spent a long time stuck on Earth guarding a vault. He’s itching for adventure, and to him that means hanging out with his companion. Companion dynamics are one of my favorite parts of this show. I love that they keep finding new ways to portray them.
Bill clearly still likes the Doctor. She popped onto the TARDIS for one scene and managed to ask approximately umpteen questions about Time Lords, just to remind us why we like her specifically. More importantly, as soon as she realizes that something is wrong, her first instinct is to find him.
We get another scene with the mystery vault. I’m continually convinced that this is someone we already know. I’m more okay with it now, but it bugs me for reasons.
Again, not much to complain about or observe from a Christian standpoint. I did notice that one of the young people was spectacularly quick to accept that Bill was into girls. Admirable from the world’s perspective, less cool from a Christian perspective.

8/10 man-eating dryads from space.

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