Exactly What It Says on the Tin

What if American slavery wasn’t just cheap labor for rich people? What if it was also a cheap food supply for vampires?
That’s not just something for nerds to fantasize about. That’s the premise for “Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter.” Okay, the actual premise is the life of Abraham Lincoln as if his mother was killed by a vampire so he spent his nights chopping their heads off. But then his war on the blood-suckers crosses over into his day job – politics and the Civil War.
The movie is based on a book written by Seth Grahame-Smith, the same guy who wrote “Pride & Prejudice & Zombies” and the Lego Batman Movie. In the early days of the Correlation I wrote a post about P&P&Z before I’d even seen it. I have seen it now, and my opinion hasn’t changed: it’s a well-made, brilliantly-acted movie. I finally get why Mr. Darcy is the object of literary girls’ fantasies: he has very impressive zombie-killing skills.

The Abraham Lincoln one isn’t quite as good as P&P&Z, but it has similar merits. The acting is very good (I spotted the MCU’s Falcon and Howard Stark, Firefly’s Alan Tudyk, and Scott Pilgrim’s Ramona). The atmosphere is appropriate for the era but also the subject matter.
The vampires are day-walkers, they have this weird invisibility power, and the mechanics of how they convert humans is vague, but they’re treated just as seriously as the zombies in the Jane Austen adaptation. The movie isn’t “hilarious in its grim sincerity” like P&P&Z was, but it makes Abraham Lincoln a proper hero – now slavery has a fanged face to be brutally mutilated.
Also (slight spoiler warning), the movie does not cheapen Lincoln’s assassination by saying it was related to vampires. Maybe that will appeal to the people who are worried it mocks history. My college roommate was a History major, and his positive opinion of this movie is what convinced me to watch it.
If a history buff can enjoy this movie, can’t Christians lower their expectations just a bit and enjoy this and other fandoms? It’s the same point I made about P&P&Z, and it still applies.

I wrote this one a while back, and I didn’t have anything new for today, so here it is.
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