Injustice: what kind of gods are they?

One of my first forays into the fighting game genre—after Super Smash Bros. Brawl—was a game from the last console generation. That game was Injustice: Gods Among Us, a fighting game based around the DC Superheroes, made by the company behind Mortal Kombat.

And, honestly, it was one of the last games I expected to get a sequel.

The basic premise of the first game is what you would expect for a fighting game: everything’s okay in the happy-go-lucky DC Multiverse, until someone does something that gets everyone fighting each other.

In the case of the first one, Superman went off the rails and turned the Justice League (and, to my excitement, members of the Teen Titans) against each other.

The sequel continues the story in that universe, by pulling in more members of the DC Universe. Supergirl, Robin, Scarecrow, Blue Beetle… Gorilla Grodd… Swamp Thing…?

*Sigh* There’s always a weird character choice in every fighting game. I mean, this is the company who put Harley Quinn in a game subtitled “Gods Among Us.”

Which brings me to my main point. When the title of the game uses “god” in the title, it raises a few eyebrows. Especially mine—or those of a younger me. “Gods” (big-G or small-g) hardly ever come up in video games. What’s their reasoning behind their word choice?

So, I looked into it. One of the common views on comics is that they are this generation’s mythology. The Greeks had their mythology; the Norse had their mythology; the Romans just stole from the Greeks. Comic books are the “American mythology.”

Partially because of this mentality, the DC superheroes are seen as the equivalents of the Greek Olympians. Strong, powerful, mighty, looking out for humanity, and only somewhat flawed. They are “gods” in the sense that Zeus or Odin are gods. False gods, doomed to fall, but still powerful in their own way.

So, how does this play into the Injustice series? Short version: DC isn’t committing blasphemy. They’re just comparing their characters to classical mythology. [Sarcasm voice] Which isn’t conceited at all.

That’s all I have for this week. I’ll try to do another review next week, but we’ll see.

Oh, and for those wondering, I mained Aquaman in the first one. I could also do Green Arrow or Wonder Woman, but Aquaman was my go-to.


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