E3 2017 in Retrospect

Well, I said I wanted to do something about E3, except, well, now I don’t really know what to talk about here. That said, I’m just going down a list of games that caught my attention and giving my thoughts on them.


From EA Games:

Star Wars: Battlefront II: I grew up with the old Battlefront. I’d just like to make that clear. When I finally got Battlefront II to work on my computer, it was staggeringly better. That said, if EA updates their Battlefront remake the way the older games did, then maybe the new Battlefront II will be something worth playing.

Then again, I still play Battlefront II (the older one). I know people who put down the new Battlefront after only a few months.


From Bethesda:

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. Ah, Wolfenstein. The more story-based entry of Id Software’s three first-person shooters. The franchise has interested me mainly with its concept: the Allied Forces lost World War II, and now Germany controls the entire world. Sure, it used to just be about running around and shooting Nazis, but it’s come so far and grown up.

I may do something on this series at some point, probably alongside Id’s other two FPS’s: Doom and Quake.

All of whom are now owned by Bethesda now. Not Id Software. Are they still around?

[Googles it.]

They were bought by ZeniMax who gave the rights to Bethesda. That makes sense.


From Nintendo:

[Pours a cup of coffee, drinks it slowly.]

Nintendo. What are you doing?

I mean, I’m glad that you’re taking initiative with getting games on the Switch. That’s good. It’ll keep it from becoming another WiiU.

But after this year’s E3, I can’t help but think…really?

ARMS, you pulled off well.

Splatoon, you pulled off well.

Earth Bound was strange, but I could accept it. In fact, most of your IP’s are that way. You specialize in “silly.”

[Sips coffee.]

But why are you doing a crossover between Mario and Rabbids?

I saw the release and stared at it for a good two minutes, just trying to process…why Rabbids? I thought we were done with them back in 2010.

I won’t say you’re scraping the bottom of the barrel, but…actually, I’m going to say it. You’re scraping the bottom of the barrel. That or there’s a Rabbids fandom that I don’t know about.

[Sets down coffee.]

Despite this, Nintendo had some decent releases at E3 this year, as always. More stuff for Mario Odyssey, a couple other upcoming games, and even some new stuff from Pokemon.

Oh, and a couple Metroid games, but I stopped liking that franchise years ago.


And that’s about it for E3 2017.


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