Due to Spoiler-Watch, This Post Has No Title

Spoiler-Free Synopsis of Doctor Who, Season 10, Episode 11, “World Enough and Time”:
Gravity warps time. That means if you’re on one end of a spaceship next to a black hole, minutes could pass for you while years pass on the other end. When Bill gets taken to a hospital at the other end where people who have been “upgraded” beg for death, she knows the Doctor is coming for her. But he may be too late.
Oh, and the Doctor has turned Missy loose. That’s bound to end well.

Because of the press and the Internet, I don’t know what’s safe and what’s spoiler. I’m going to err on the side of caution, so I’ll have to be vague about some parts. But wow. Wow. Wow! This episode was intense and creepy and funny and touching and Meta. I loved it.
There was always going to be a day when watching Missy sit in therapy sessions wasn’t going to be entertaining anymore. The Doctor was going to have to let her out eventually. The situation he chose just happened to go sideways…or upside down? No, it was just time that went wibbly-wobbly. But that’s beside the point.
Before things went wrong, the Doctor’s explanation of why he wanted to help Missy was wonderful. This is a side of the Last of the Time Lords we haven’t gotten to see for a while. We got glimpses of it in, well, the episode called “The Last of the Time Lords.” But this time there’s real hope for Missy and the Doctor, traveling the universe side by side.
The Doctor says the young Master was his “man crush.” Notice he didn’t say “I was attracted to him in a non-heterosexual way.” Man crushes are somewhere in the vicinity of platonic admiration and creepy obsession, several steps away from sinful dude-on-dude action. Even if it was like that, they’re both aliens, so it doesn’t count. See my first post on the subject. Moving on!
This was definitely the creepiest episode of Doctor Who I’ve seen in a while. But it also had some of Moffat’s clever jokes that I love so much. And I continue to marvel at the show’s portrayal of Bill’s relationship with the Doctor: not blindly following but still caring deeply.
Next Saturday can’t get here soon enough.
8.5/10 awesome burglar masks.


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