Little Witch Academia: a Review

Well, I was actually planning on writing a review of the new Netflix Castlevania series. However, 1) it’s technically not an anime, and I said I would review an anime, and 2) I’m not really in a good place to talk about the show right now. Emotionally, that is.

Instead, I’m going to review something a bit lighter.

Little Witch Academia is a series produced by Studio Trigger and released in the US on Netflix. This probably says more bad than good, since Studio Trigger gave us Kill La Kill, and Netflix has had a spotty track record for their exclusive releases, in my opinion.

But, to give some perspective, I was familiar with Little Witch Academia a few years ago. You see, before the anime was produced in 2017, Trigger released a half-hour anime movie in 2013. I watched that last year, and, honestly, it made it into my Top 5 anime. And it held that place after watching other anime, including some others that also made the Top 5.

So, I have a soft spot for this series. Sue me.

In my defense, Little Witch Academia is probably the cleanest anime I have come across in my four-plus years in the genre. Even compared to “kid-friendly anime” like Pokémon, it’s still pretty clean.


9/10 ~ Pretty good anime, in my opinion. I would actually recommend this one for kids, but also for people who enjoyed Harry Potter. My only problem with showing it to kids would be the witchcraft aspect, but I’d like to unpack that subject at a later date.


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